Hi and thanks for checking out my site. Feel free to head over to the Portfolio section to see full videos of me tracking drums. Those tracks are also available (minus backing music) as free downloads for use in songs how ever you want. You can write a song to them or cut them up and use them as loops. Please tag me on social media in anything you release using them so I can check out you tracks.

Check out my Instagram to see my daily jams and to check out the tones I get in my studio. Drop me a message using the contact form or email Kyle@KyleCullen.com with the subject ‘Session Drums’. Let me know as much as you can about the session and I’ll get back to you asap.

Here’s a video with a few different sample grooves

Just a little about the studio. It’s a custom built room in Somerset,UK. Using Focusrite interface and a mix of mics.

Mic list

Kick in – AKG D112

Kick Out – Red5 Condenser

Snare 1 – Shure SM57

Snare 2 – Shure Beta SM57

Tom 1 – Electro Voice PL30

Tom 2 – Electro Voice PL30

Overheads – Matched paid Rode NT5

Room – AKG 414

Also happy to add high hat mic (AKG C1000)

Drum Kit – Yamaha Custom Maple Absolute Nouveau

Cymbals – Zildjian

Snares – Various