Have you always wanted to turn you acoustic songs in to full productions?

Drop me a message today to discuss your music. I can work with you to produce a backing track to suit the vibe of the song and mix and master it so it’s ‘radio ready’.

The track below started as a typical singer-songwriter track. Acoustic guitar and voice. I built the track behind the vocal to help give the song more dynamics.

If you’re local to Glastonbury you can do the vocal recording with me (and any instruments you wish to play yourself) or if further afield then I can help find a local studio for you to record vocals or advise you how to get good recordings at home.

Initially I’ll just need the one vocal track and guitar/piano accompaniment (supplying me with a chord chart can be useful) You may wish to record doubles/harmonies before I start to work so I can produce around them. Or I’m happy to create some which you can record yourself at a later date

Email me at or drop me a message on Facebook to discuss your music